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Star raw
Raw and smackdown

Group Founder: jen4lyf
Description: Who has da best moves ,who is gonna b da next champ, n who is ur all tym fav! Give all info
Group Type: Public join
Members: 41
Category: Sports & Fitness > Wrestling

Topics (9)

go Undertaker or the great kalie (4) joe_1987
Who u think going 2 win the match? Who do you want 2 win the match?

go Kane or undertaker (0) ivaz
Who are you with will kane finish his brothers case

go Raw wins over nexis (0) ivaz
With all the odds raw beat nexis it cena who made raw victorious and gave is its victory against the nexis

go John cena vs nexis (0) ivaz
What will be the result at summer slam the hotest event of the summer who will stand tall john cen or nexis

go K A N E (6) docter01
Kane ruls the big red monster rulez the sport

go BEST OF (0) clouds22
harcore matches,hell in a cell,tlc,ladder match,ryhno,stone cold,kurt angle,rvd,jeff hardy,kane,mick foley,y2j,the rock,HHH,raven,tazz,tajiri,undertaker,test,albert,essa rios,crash holly, holly,big s...

go rated R superstar (4) aiden19
well he did it again....edge reclaimed the WWE champion ship in the triple threat. im not fond of him but hes a better champ then cena or rvd

go Wher (0) docter01
Wher the hell is kane

go When raw first started (0) jen4lyf
Ok guys u think u so smart ,who won da first match on raw!

Polls (1)

go Which brand is beter